Hey! My name is Sarah.

This is not a midlife crisis, I promise! I’ve been calling it a midlife transformation, as that sounds so much better doesn’t it?

This is the change and the great unraveling. It’s the inner child within meeting my grown-up self and finally making friends with each other. It’s a ‘RE’ time. Re defining, re valuating, re thinking and re conceiving. It’s a little messy and scary but exciting. I see glimmers of greater freedom every day and I know I am not alone. It is a journey many women travel through, so I have heard.

It’s in the unravelling that I reflect, heal, dream and write. I am a deep thinker and writing helps soothe the soul, although the vulnerability scares me. I hope my writing connects with and inspires others, but I do need to remind myself to write like no one is reading.

In 1999, a gorgeous Englishman crossed my path and we have been together ever since. Together we own Organic Angels and that has been one crazy journey running a business together. I guess I am entrepreneurial among many things, like being a reasonable cook.

I love being a mother of three sons, who smother me with their affection one minute, but then have me on my knees praying for strength and sanity the next. I have no pearls of wisdom about parenting, apart from “hang in there”. My boys have definitely brought out the best and worst in me and I love them for it.

I crave peace and quiet (hmmm, 3 boys, not likely!), I desire to know love and give love more to others and myself. I am a devoted advocate for growing and eating organic food, as I believe it is one of the things that will help heal our planet earth. My spiritual journey is somewhat fragmented, which I’m slowly piecing back together in a new and beautiful way.

A recent uprooting from the big city to the Surf Coast, Victoria, Australia has been THE BEST move ever. We seem to thrive near the sea and it is one step closer to the big dream, building an eco-home by the ocean.

Thanks for reading and make sure you check out my Instagram and Facebook, as when I have writers block, I’ll be very active there!

Love Sarah xox

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