I am a food conscious, slow living, spiritual and lover of all leafy greens lady.

I am also an entrepreneur, writer, mother and wife.

I see myself as a light hearted, deep thinker, who tries not to take myself too seriously.

I love being a mum of three sons, who shower me with their affection one minute, but then have me on my knees praying for strength and sanity the next.

I love being in business with my husband and together we own Organic Angels.

A peaceful, loving and organic lifestyle is what I desire for my life and my family. I am by no means flawless and life sometimes feels chaotic, outrageously noisy and filled to the brim. I crave for a pause button, and slowing down in a fast paced world is my mission.

I live in Melbourne, Australia and dreaming for the sea change and our Eco Home.

I whole heartily believe that change happens through love and compassion for ourselves and others.

Around the table with a delicious homemade organic meal and good wine with family and friends is where I feel the most content.

Peace, Love, Organic is my musings and creative space. A place to shine a little light, and I hope to inspire others to shine too.

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