Vision Boarding Lights The Way

Today we sat down as a family to do vision boarding. I’ve done this for years and mine is a scrapbook filled with pictures, rather than a board. We started involving the kids a couple years ago and last weekend we headed to some op shops and collected piles of magazines in preparation for our yearly dream boarding. The lady behind the counter cut me a deal and said I could have the whole pile for $5, little knowing that in the pile included a 30 year old National Geographic, iconic! 1988, what a year. We reverently put that one aside.

As we sat at the kitchen table with the kids, magazines, clippings, scraps of paper, scissors and glue sticks were energetically being passed around for about an hour. Some arguing among the boys over the glue stick and finding dog pictures was predictable. But there was a time where a quiet lull came over us and the energy felt great. Sweet moments that do fizzle fast with 3 competitive energetic boys!

As I flicked through the magazines, I submitted to the process and found it different to previous years. I almost felt an unwavering certainty that my vision for my life would come to pass, and it was no longer a wishful thinking game. I cut out everything and created a little pile, gluing them on the page as a final act. I loved how it all just pieced together, a sign that everything was there for a reason, no gaps, no left overs.

Vision boarding is like having a conversation with God. As I turn the pages of my scrapbook, it takes me back as far as 10 years, I stare at the pictures and I’m amazed at how intuitive and prophetic vision boarding is, and how I have evolved over the years. I see things that have come to pass, things my heart desires, I see things that I want to feel, taste, experience and places to travel to, The Silk Road, Italy, France, somewhere Tropical, by an exquisite looking pool. It reminds me of things close to my heart that are more important than all those things. This vision book is one big story book called, Sarah.

What jumped out for me more this time were words of inspiration.

The world is your oyster

Light the way!

Are you open to big ideas?

And this I love, “Nothing in the home is precious or ‘hands off’. The house is now as welcoming as the family who live here”

My dream home is pictured throughout my vision scrapbook and this time the kitchen stood out for me and just the simple joy that sparks of colour can bring, plus the huge table. The kitchen and food are a huge central piece for me, the greatest of importance in a house. So, when I come to the point in designing my dream kitchen, I have some very cool pantry goals (as you can see!). My lovely organisational brain really gets off on stuff like this!

Is that a sauna you say? Yep, sure is and as indulgent as a sauna sounds in my home, I would love one! They are really freakin good for your health and for my autoimmune. Just the complete sense of well being they bring is enough to invest in one.  Time will tell. And you’re invited if it happens.

This is not just about wanting nice things. In fact, this exercise helps you break out of any limiting and poverty mindset you may have. It is tapping into a part of your consciousness that you might not even be aware of, as passivity can make us numb. A little crack opening to a new vision, a bigger dream, more creativity in your life can spark new optimism. Having a vision board keeps that in your sight and gives you permission to dream the possibility. It is in this place The Universe sees you’re ready to receive.

14 years ago, I did something like vision boarding and drew a picture of a house by the ocean. I had no idea where that came from, but it made me feel alive and excited inside. When life got hard and discouraging, I admittedly pushed that dream aside, blaming my silly imagination. It felt like it never was going to happen. Thankfully a moment snapped me out of complacently waiting around for it. I decided I was sick of waiting and I was going to go after it. Two years later we moved to the coast. Here we are, one step closer to the vision of an eco-home by the sea.  When I feel like I’m losing sight of who I am and want to become, or feeling stuck or discouraged, I flick through my vision scrapbook in a meditative kind is way. Breathing it in and letting it fill my soul with inspiration and hope again. It always uplifts me.

Back to today.

Mr and Mrs and the beautiful soft inviting bed reminds me of the strong unity I have with my husband. We’ve had some hard times where the rift was a very big wide and lonely space. But we’ve worked hard on ourselves and our marriage, and it now feels more sweet, intimate and secure than ever. I am grateful for every night that I feel his warm body next to mine.

I’m always attracted to lavender and maybe I’ll own a lavender farm one day and extract the most divine quality organic lavender oil that I will sell for top dollar to perfumeries in France. Or maybe that’s something I’ll see holidaying in France instead. Time will tell.

I have goals to visit 5-star eco retreats. Eco, health, luxury all at once is holidaying with purpose, pure serenity, healing and indulgence to the soul, which I have no guilt about at all.  I will make it happen.

The final piece glued on this page is The Lost Children. With all my sauna, kitchen, pantry and travel goals, I yearn to give and serve in the world. This reminds me of all the children I want to foster one day. I have completed the training and I know this will come soon. As uncomfortable and inconvenient it makes me feel sometimes, I know this is my gift I can give to the world. Someone said to me once, ‘The thing that breaks your heart most is where you need to serve’. My heart shatters for kids without a safe home and for youth homelessness (which many come from foster care). If I can be that one home that shines love, acceptance and hope to that one little boy or girl, I hold on to the hope that it will change the trajectory of their life. It may or may not. But I will do my bit. This somehow drives the whole vision, my purpose and reason for living.

I want to be able to say “This is our life and work, and we absolutely love it” – Matthew Evans

Let it be so.

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