We were recently interviewed for a Business Award and we were asked a series of questions as part of the judging. We were questioned about what has attributed to our growth, especially over the last 2 years. My husband / business partner and I looked at each other, thinking how are we going to answer this one knowing the answer was not logical and straightforward? We answered the judges with, “It is because we found our WHY!” They gave us a raised eyebrow, surprised look. Maybe they were anticipating logical answers, like increasing marketing expenses or the growth of the organic industry. It’s hard to explain that finding your why is a spiritual journey, not a logical one.

When you consciously ask yourself about your why, it can be an awkward place, especially if the reality of where you are right now, doesn’t quite fit where you want to be, nor can you see a path to get there. We started asking about our why when we felt like we’d lost direction and needed some help going forward, in our business and personal vision. Life had become the treadmill, running like crazy but not seeing the results we desired. Our business coach at the time asked us to find our “compelling why”. Asking this question was the catalyst for change and it went like this…

Why are we doing this? Because we want to make a difference.

Great, but why? Because we want to see people live healthy happy lives.

Great, but why? Because we want to be the best in our industry.

Great, but why?

And so on and on, breaking it down another 30 times until we were talking about legacy, social change, environmental change, philanthropy, serving others, travel and more businesses.

Challenging as this exercise was, it created an internal drive and focus from within to move forward with a different mindset.

Life still throws the curve balls and different seasons and it’s easy to become unstuck. However, knowing your why is like a tool in your life belt, like a compass that you pull out when you’ve lost your way, need to turn back, take the slightest shift, or take another path altogether.

When you start to live from your why, things start to shift gradually. It will push yourself out of your comfort zone, it means action, risk and managing expectations from others (not everyone will understand your why journey, and that’s ok). It will demand you to step up and you’ll be amazed at the opportunities that come your way when you do.

Have fun exploring your deeper WHY.

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