Goodbye Winter

Before we all give Winter the one finger salute and walk on, I feel Winter needs to be thanked or at least acknowledged. It was a season, either good, indifferent or bad and whatever it was, there was self-discovery in it, somewhere.

Winter symbolises introversion, silence and contemplation which ultimately brings greater clarification as we enter Spring. This year feeling much stronger and determined than before, I consciously decided that Winter was going to be the nurturing season it was created to be, and I would enjoy it (for once), so I wrote down three powerful choices to live by over Winter.

#1 Intention
Intentionally choosing to change my mindset. Purposely speaking out goodness, gratitude and of all the good things still to come. Intentionally creating rituals of self-care, such as getting to bed early, rising early for mediation, quiet time and yoga moves. Hot baths, massage and time out. Choosing to read a book over TV and read things that were an encouragement to the soul. Deliberately leaving the house a complete mess, seeing how long I could cope, and then realising, it’s actually not that bad after all.

#2 Consistency
Winter was a time of knuckling down and getting serious about goals and plans (both personally and professionally). It also meant some change and re-structure to help achieve the vision. Being consistent with my focus, self-care and food and water consumption kept me buoyant and healthy, and there is no doubt about it, consistency creates tangible results.

#3 Boundaries
This was learning what my stress triggers usually are and make change. Asking for help, and being bold saying no. Saying no to late nights out, stepping away from the computer and phone, leaving emails until the morning (the world doesn’t end), creating time out, closing a door asking for no interruptions (and not feel guilty about it). Boundaries was stepping back and giving more for others to do, making secure choices and realising that I didn’t have to be everything for everyone
Some of you may be feeling glad to see the back of winter, not just because of the cold and rain, but because it was particularly tough in places. For you, let Spring bring fresh, new ideas. A different perspective and greater strength, healing, love. A greater vision for your life, with endless possibilities.

I’m turning to give winter a grateful humble bow. Intention, Consistency and Boundaries wasn’t just for a season, but a foundation for the next, something to build on. Already I’m thinking what that would look like. Hope you’re inspired to do the same.

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