Managing Stress

Stress is always present in some way shape or form in our lives. Our wonderful brain processes what is real or an apparent threat and helps our body react. We might not be chasing or running away from wild animals anymore, but pressures and fears are present for many. It can come in spurts or be continual. Then there are the perceived threats, things that we ruminate and worry over and over about. Events that might happen, but most likely not.

In this age, we are faced with more subtle, unconscious things that are like a drip feed of stress to the soul. Things like, overwork, over stimulation, information overload 24/7, social media, money, parenting, processed foods, Wi-Fi, pollution, traffic, toxic relationships and not enough connection with nature. This list could go on, right?

Funnily I had a dream this week where I was in a bushland area and a big white bear was running towards me. Next thing, I had picked it up, carried it above my head and walked to a pit and threw the bear in a big deep ditch. A couple of days later, I was talking to my 12 year old son and told him about my dream (we discuss dreams a lot in our house). He asked me what I though it meant, but I hadn’t had any clear insight. He said to me, “Mum, maybe it means you’ve been carrying a heavy load that is stressing you and you’ve found the strength to get rid of it”. Boom! I think he hit the mark.

What does managing stress look like? To begin with we need to become conscious of the things that cause us stress and the varying degrees of it. We can’t always run from the big things that cause us stress, but there are things we can implement to help us on the journey. Things like, connecting with nature, meditation, mindfulness, yoga, working out, reducing chemicals and toxins, healthy eating, decluttering, simplifying, EFT, listening to music, dancing, hanging with friends. Again, the list is endless. What is it for you?

To help stop the stress drip feed of some things recently, I consciously made some changes and choices. Running a business has its stresses, but parenting three boys is one of my biggest worries. For a time, my Facebook feed had become filled with articles about how to become a better parent, 10 things you should do, 20 things you shouldn’t be doing, how to raise boys, etc. Subconsciously this was feeding me messages that I was not doing enough and was not good enough and guess what? I just wasn’t enjoying parenting. So, I went through my social media and unfollowed all the “how to parent” stuff and decided it was time to simply TRUST my instinct, wisdom and ability to love and be a mother to the three gifts given to me.

Perhaps that was my big bear I threw in the ditch? Quite possibly.

So, maybe we all need to have a look at the drip feed into our lives and ask the question, what are the things that are subconsciously robbing us of peace, health and enjoyment? What are some changes and adjustments you can make? I’d love to hear how it goes for you.

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