Winds of Change

In 2015, I went on a trip to Nepal to trek to Everest Base Camp. I left my husband, my boys and my business Organic Angels behind and off I went on this crazy adventure. It was the year I turned 40, I had my health back on track after being diagnosed with Thyroid Autoimmune and I felt the winds of change, a burning desire to get out of the daily grind and my comfort zone. I look back and wonder, how on earth did I do that? I knew that my safety, well-being and enjoyment of this trip all depended on two things, my physical fitness and mindset. On the days my body burned, my mind pushed me forward and the days my mind clambered into the deep dark corners of my thoughts, my legs carried me.

Now back at sea level on flat terrain, life can certainly feel like climbing a mountain. That trip was a catalyst for change both personally and in business. One vital lesson I learned is that there is no simple, magical, solution for life. There is no silver bullet or magic wand. Trust me, this was hard for me to let go. I am certainly a spiritual person and believe in miraculous things, but sitting around waiting for “something” wasn’t gaining any traction. It was time for me to re-write my vision, know it deeply and go after it. The amazing thing is, when you set an intention and go after it, not only do you see results, but the miraculous happens too. It’s like the Universe is your Sherpa, holding your hand on the rough terrain, guiding and encouraging you.

Ask yourself this question. If there were no restrictions, no glass ceiling what would you love to do? What would your typical day look like? When you ask yourself powerful questions like this, be prepared for the blockages that you will face.

I can’t do that

I’m too old

I’m not qualified

I don’t have the money

I could go on, but we all know where that road leads. However, what if the tiniest step you take right now is speaking out “Anything is possible and I am open to change”. Say it once, twice, twenty times a day until you believe it. Do you want to know what my mind was saying on repeat when my body burned like hell on that mountain? I am stronger than I think. I still need to remind myself that today.

Write the vision, draw it and cut and paste it out. Record it. Open a special savings account. Remove some things. Make space. Take a step.

Two years on from the catalyst of change in our lives, our vision finally feels at arm’s reach, no longer out of sight. Every day, every step is closer towards it.

As it is for you.

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