Food Memories

One of the many things I love about food, is the memories it can bring up. The taste, smell, texture can transport us back in time. I loved how that was depicted in the movie, “Ratatouille” where the stern, snobby food critic was humbled and transported back to his childhood as soon as he took a one mouthful of a warm, tasty ratatouille. You can watch a snippet of the scene here.

When I was a little, my mum used to ask me what I wanted for my birthday dinner and I used to ask for beef stroganoff. Not pizza or Macca’s. Just her home-made beef stroganoff. I remember loving that dish so much, mushrooms and all. It was also one of the first dishes my mum taught me to cook as a child.

It has been a very long time since I’ve made a beef strog, I suppose I forgot about it and my diet has changed over the years as I have learned what I can tolerate and not. I had experimented with adapting my beef stroganoff dairy free, but it wasn’t the same so I avoided making it.

This week however, I felt this urge to make it, the real deal with sour cream and all. I ordered some thinly sliced Biodynamic beef and the other ingredients and as I started cooking, my thoughts took me back in time. I prepared the meal effortlessly while re-living the memories of back then, remembering how mum made it, what mum was like back then, how old I was, what house we were living in at the time and how life was like back then.

30 years on, here I was serving up beef stroganoff with my own children. We enjoyed it with some brown rice and lots of green veggies on the side and it was delicious. I enjoyed every mouthful and I loved watching my kids enjoy it too.

Someone asked me a great question recently, which was, “Is life 100% leafy greens and chemical free or do you occasionally indulge?”. My reply was that my relationship with food has changed over the years and I am more relaxed, even though I am a green smoothie lover and 100% sold on eating organic as much as possible. I do believe that food is also about connection, enjoyment and freedom, so if I am out with friends or a nice dinner somewhere, I will enjoy foods I might not eat every day. You can’t hold me back from a good red wine, crème brulee, almond croissant or beef stroganoff!

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