Slow Living

Our lives can feel the complete opposite to slow. We have so many resources, technology and products to make our lives easier, yet we are busier than ever, have less spare time and are more stressed and anxious. So, what does it mean to live slow in a face paced world?

This acronym sums up SLOW easily;

S = Sustainable, Low Impact, Simple
L = Local, Community, Village
O = Organic, Chemical Free, Clean, Flavoursome
W = Whole, Unprocessed, Fair, Quality

Managing a business and raising 3 boys, life is very full and I crave for the slow. I had assumed ‘slow living’ must happen in the later stages of life, when the kids move out of home and I’m semi-retired. However, I am doing the maths and I have a long way to go before I can stop working and kick back in my beach shack. So, my journey and desire is to seek it, understand what it means to live slow on a practical, conscious and spiritual level.

Slow Living does not necessarily mean you need to be living in the hills, off the grid, grow your own veggies, getting rid of your mobile phone, internet and stop buying material things. Although, this is very possible, if this is your heart’s desire. However, the practicalities of this doesn’t suit everyone and many of us live in the city, or suburbs, have demanding jobs and hours, surrounded by traffic noise and lights and juggling the many commitments and people in our lives.

Slow living is a choice and can impact us, our family, our environment and society in a positive way.

Slow Living is a lengthy (and life changing) journey of figuring out what is important to you. You can start to become more aware of the things that are impacting your life (and your family) either positively or negatively. It can entail taking a deep dive into your mindset, unravelling a few limiting beliefs about yourself what you can achieve and what you truly desire. It means making some changes, big audacious shifts and some little ones while you start to structure your life around things that create fulfilment and meaning.

Slow living is consciously slowing down, unplugging, taking some things away, having a clean out, and giving yourself more.

All the while remembering that you are also here on this Earth to be a light to others around you. When you are consciously living slow, you will find that your light, love and presence for others will definitely shine brighter.

Over the coming weeks, I will be doing a special SLOW series, and each week will touch on something different, such as Slow Food, Slow Home, Slow Parenting, Slow Purchasing.

I look forward to journeying with you.

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