“Hello Inner Peace, I found you again”.

Quick, hurry up. Chop chop, quick sticks. Let’s go, come on!

If I am not saying this to my children, I am saying this to myself in my head. Sometimes, the busyness catches me off guard and the first thing to go, is my inner peace.

Recently I had a week of utter craziness. One that was full of distractions, interruptions, accidents, appointments, family and health stuff, and it was nonstop from the moment I blinked my eyes open in the morning to closing them at night. My one saving grace was my morning routine of yoga and meditation. Thank God for that.

As I was in the car, racing (but not speeding) to the next thing, I felt the heavy weight of the week pounding in my head and a rock in my heart. A feeling of being a little out of control and instead of going forwards, I was going backwards. As I was trying to gain control over my thoughts and turn it around to positive, I looked in the rear-view mirror, and there it was, the words….

Breathe Deeply

Behind me was a van with lots of positive affirmations, but the only one readable thing (unless you can read backwards) in my rear-view mirror were the words BREATHE DEEPLY.

Breathe, Breathe, Breathe………deeply

These words were like music to my soul and that van followed me for about 5 minutes. Long enough for me realise God was speaking to me, supporting me and showing me what I needed to do. So, I breathed. Long, hard deep sighs at first. Then slow, controlled and refreshing breath.

“Hello Inner Peace, I found you again”.

Interestingly that night, I had a dream. My 4 year old was sitting on the edge of a pier, I ran to him knowing it was not safe and as I came closer he fell down into the water, a very long drop down into the water. I jumped in after him, fully clothed, trying to find him under the murky water (terrifying, right?). I found him, lifted him up and put him on a rocky ledge, he was lying on his side and I could see his lovely rosy cheeks, I was blowing into his face, in his nose, he was breathing.

Dreams like that can shake you. This one left an imprint.

When I woke and my son came to greet me in bed, I grabbed him like he was the most precious thing in the world. We cuddled, I smothered him with my love and tickled him, just to see his gorgeous smile, hear his laugh. To hold his little hand in mine, out to the kitchen and make him breakfast.

When all is said, and done, what matters most? A question, we really need to remind ourselves. I needed a frightening dream to wake me up and a kind reminder to stop and breathe deeply.  To stop. Slow down. Enjoy the precious moments around us.

Busyness can be like sinking in quicksand, it starts to smother and suffocate. Have you heard about the technique to get out of quicksand? It is not to panic and frantically crawl out. To save yourself, you must

1) Relax.
2) Lie on your back, like you are swimming.
3) Conserve energy.

So, my friends, when you are feeling rushed, flustered and overwhelmed, take a moment to consciously stop, relax, lie on your back. Allow breaks in your day and look up to the Heavens and remember you are loved and supported by a Power greater than you, who wants to remind you of the precious things in your life.

May you enjoy some of those things today xxx

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