Discovering your Creative Piece

“Be free in your head, be free in your shots, go for it. The brave will be rewarded here.”

Roger Federer.

I am a Federer fan, he is an awesome tennis player and simply fascinating to watch. He seems to play the ball with such grace and ease, like he was born to play tennis, it is his gift and calling.

We are all born with a gift, a talent, a creative piece.

I didn’t always believe that. I believed that creativity was given to a chosen few. I saw creativity as the ones who were amazing at art, dance, music and singing. And you know those incredible people who seem to be great at everything? Yes, damn right I was envious, as I compared myself and I just felt so……boring.

After my mountain trek in the Himalayas, I can pin point a defining moment for me. I was walking down the mountain, after accomplishing my dream of making it to Everest Base Camp and Kala Pattar. I just had an amazing experience, surrounded by the most magical mountains in the world and it felt like I was standing at the foot of the Heavenly places. The scenery and mountains were spell bounding, I was gazing at the ultimate creative masterpiece.

I wondered, surely, creativity is the foundation of who we are?

My father is a wonderful man. He was an Airline Pilot and is a very intelligent, straight thinker, trouble shooter, kind and smart man. He used to say numerous times growing up, “Sarah, there is not a creative bone in my body”. He just could not see any creative talent in himself.

This reverberates in my head, even now as a grown woman. I wonder, as I heard that growing up, that subconsciously I also believed that about myself? I was a terrible singer, goofy as all get out, so dancing was just awkward, I attempted some musical instruments, but the recorder was about as far as I got. So, as I walked down that mountain, I asked the Heavens, what is MY creative piece?

Well, the answer and result is this. Getting words out on a page is what lights me up. I have kept it hidden for years, as I never thought that I was creative, smart or brave enough. I also never allowed myself the time to explore…until now. As I walked down the mountain, a little candle was lit on the inside, writing was my creative piece and I was going to freely pursue it. I felt excited that I had found the answer.

Your creative piece will light you up on the inside, and shine light to others.

My dear dad, who is now in his 70’s, seems to have discovered that he has a creative piece in him after all. He has been painting beautiful pictures (and not painting by numbers, which I joke about with him). They are his own original pieces. He is fluent in another language and wants to learn the saxophone!

Your creativity deserves to be free, it deserves your time and attention. You can use your creativity for many things, big or small, business or platform, or purely for the simple pleasure it gives you, and that is totally ok. Be free with it, experiment, go for it and you will be rewarded.

Have fun!


I have some wonderful letters from your younger self which certainly attest to your creative light within! (And a few cheeky comments in my old school diaries which I chanced upon the other day that speak to your wit!). xx


Oh no! Not the letters! Mine are hidden away somewhere and I’m too scared to read. We will have to catch up one, have a drink, read over the letters and have a cracking laugh.


Hi Sarah
What you said about my “lack of creativity” comments is very true.
But in fact I now know that actually, like you, the creative “switch” has been activated and I am quite comfortable with my oil painting ability as well as being quite proficient in Vietnamese which certainly stimulates creative thinking.
Saxophone is next on the list!!!
I can’t pin point a “Eurika Moment” when I realised this but it must have been lying there dormant for years.
Just like with you.
I have always been impressed with your writing skills so I am so pleased to see that you are now using this skill to express your ideas in such a readable blog.


Beautiful Sarah! So glad you’re following your creativity! I thought I’d quickly check out your blog, but you hooked me and I’ve spent the last half hour reading your backlog! You have a gift my friend! Thanks for sharing! X


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