Living the Adventure

I can’t believe it has been 18 months since my trip to Nepal and trek to Everest Base Camp. It was an epic, life changing adventure and a huge story to tell, but I will save that for another day.

However, today I wanted to share about the lead up to the events of my trip and why I chose to do it. Everest Base Camp is on many peoples “Bucket List”, but it certainly wasn’t on mine.

My bucket list looks something like this:

• Visit 5 star Eco Resorts
• Build an Eco Home
• Have some pet chickens and bees
• Catch the Trans-Siberian Express Train (First Class)

Not very adventurous, right? Nepal could not be further from my thoughts, however I guess the Universe had other plans for me.

In 2015, I was turning 40 and like most people who turn 40, it does bring on a little bit of an “oh heck” feeling that life has caught up and causes one to reflect. The year previous, I had just been through a year of healing, which required much of my time and energy. Thankfully I was overcoming my Thyroid Autoimmune and coming out of the darkness of that.

Being unwell for a long period can feel like a piece of the puzzle is missing on the inside.

I felt like I had lost a little bit of me, as my life was so busy focusing all my energy on food, health, being a mother, wife and business owner. As I was contemplating turning 40, I recognised somewhere along the way I had lost some strength, joy and laughter in my life.

One day I was on the phone with an Organic Angels customer. She was a mountaineer and runs tours and treks in Nepal. She had just returned and I remember she said to me, “Sarah, I have just come back from a trip and had a young mum like you, and she had a life changing experience”.

A little fire of excitement and possibility (and a little fear!) ignited, could I really do this?

You know, sometimes you just gotta say yes to things, and this was a yes moment. In my mind, I could not fathom how I was going to leave my 3 little boys behind, my husband and busy business. Plus, come up with the money and commit to 5 days a week training for 10 months before the actual trek started. I just knew I had to do this, take myself to a higher level and take myself up a mountain.

Every time we step up as humans, there is always opposition. Mine was coming up on the inside of my head, my many dark self-doubting thoughts. I had close family and friends who also did not like the idea of me doing this, and they made their feelings show. Was I really being reckless, irresponsible? I pressed on and paid my deposit and booked my flights, and then the devastating Earthquake hit Nepal in April, which only exasperated my fears and fears in others.

“You are stronger than you think you are”

My journey of self-discovery had begun the moment the idea was birthed. I had not even reached the mountains yet. Day by day my physical strength improved, I was looking fit and strong and it was a period where many people commented on how healthy I looked. I was still shit scared leaving my kids, and it was a pivotal parenting moment for me to realise that death and life co-exist, I needed to let go of the gripping fear of losing my life and my loved ones.

After 14 days trekking over 100 kms to altitude of 5,500 metres, I distinctly remember thinking that adventure is so healthy for our human souls. I had been touched in so many ways by my experience. With no other distractions around me, and just little ol’ me to focus on, I actually found that puzzle piece that went missing. I put it in place and it has created the most beautiful picture and vision of my life and future.

Don’t let your puzzle piece go missing.

Adventure looks different for all of us, it can be epic and can be little. Adventure simply means, something a little unusual and daring. What could that be for you?

PS: My beautiful guide to Nepal was Cherie from Cherie Horne Adventure Trekking

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