Tune Into Your Body

I used to think I was invincible with eating anything I wanted and being a slim build, fortunately for me, I never stacked on weight.

However, I did hit a big wall with my health in 2014, when I was diagnosed with Thyroid Autoimmune (also known as Hashimotos). I can still remember my disbelief and outrage that me, the owner of Organic Angels, who has access to the best food in town is sick!

I did eventually get over myself and felt very relieved that finally, I have answers to why I was experiencing all the symptoms I had been experiencing over the years.

As food is central to my life, I immediately looked to food to heal my condition, which involved eliminating a broad range of foods so I could repair my leaky gut and allow my body to absorb vital nutrients found in food. (I was under advice from a professional and taking supplements as well).

For 8 months, I strictly avoided grains, including gluten free grains, dairy, soy, legumes, alcohol, nuts, sugar and nightshade veggies. Madness, right? It felt like it at first and I resisted, but I got into the groove and started to appreciate my new diet as I was becoming symptom free. When I began to slowly introduce some things back into my diet, my body was communicating very clearly to me what food was servicing me well and what wasn’t. Oh the joys of eating an egg again and feeling fine!

The interesting thing was that I was tuning into my body at a new level of awareness. I felt completely empowered and in control of my health for the first time in my life. This was the gift of food intuition and is the foundation to my continued food wellness journey and thankfully, I can freely eat some of those limited foods again.

So, how’s your food intuition? What are some of the signs that some foods aren’t serving you well? Think about the obvious and the not so obvious signs and symptoms.

Before you embark on any elimination diet, I advise that you seek professional help, as like me you will need guidance along the way. Whether you decide to or not, some small changes around your food choices could be life changing. Start to consciously tune in to how you feel after some things you eat. Listen to your body as you will be amazed at much it wants to talk to you.
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