Living Healthy, Joyfully & Abundantly in 2017

Today ends the epic year of 2016. How was it for you? End of a year always brings reflections on what it was, what it wasn’t, what it should have been. Putting the “would’ve, should’ve, could’ve” aside, it is over. Breathe and congratulate yourself, as no doubt you accomplished some amazing things and everything big or small should be celebrated.

I’ve heard around the traps that 2016 has been a challenge for many and I put my hand up for this one. However, as I think through the year as challenging as it was, I feel like I have expanded in many ways. I am grateful for the change in me through it all. Our gorgeous friend and chef Sam Gowing summed something up in her newsletter recently that resonated with me, “I’ve learned a tremendous amount about resilience this year, and the power of manifestation…” This rang so true.

Challenges bring resilience and teaches us to be flexible, fluid, patient and a little kinder to ourselves and others. It helps us adjust our mindset and belief system to look beyond the bump or mountain in the way and go after dreams and desires, even when in the natural it looks impossible. It is incredible to see the inner strength arise when focussing on manifesting the good things you want in your life. What are the good things you desire for 2017? Awesome question to ask yourself and I encourage you to write them down, journal it, post it note it, vision board it, declare it!

For me (among lots of manifestation goals) my health is always my #1 priority. If my body is out of whack then so is everything else. My health and wellbeing is my equilibrium. So that means, continuing to ensure I eat lots of organic veggies and fruit and eating all the right foods that I instinctively know nourish and make me feel energised and happy. What about you?

Farewell 2016 and hello a healthy, joyful and abundant 2017!

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